oil well needing on site welding services.

Servicing the greater Houston areas

It is always convenient when you can bring a project into the shop, but we at Rob’s Rigs Welding Service know as well as any that some projects must be done on site. With fully capable welding crews, and fully equipped welding rigs, no job in the greater Houston-Galveston area is out of our reach.

On Site Etiquette

At Rob’s Rigs Welding we understand what it says about us when we respect our client’s property. Leaving a project cleaner than we found it is the first pillar in building that reputation. A cluttered work space can not only slow production, but it can also cause bodily injury. We make sure to bring every used welding rod or piece of scrap metal back to our shop for disposal. This is just one of many ways we strive to be different.

On Site Everything

Even though it does make many jobs easier when performed in a shop environment, our on site welding services are capable of just about any project that we do in the shop. These trucks are furnished with full sized welding machines, gas bottles, torches, and their own power to run all of the tools necessary. No matter what size your project may be, we have a welder that can do it. Many on site jobs from the past have included:

  • Oilfield Services
  • Pipe Installations
  • Gates and Fencing
  • Structural installations
  • Roadside Trailer Repairs
  • Tank Repairs

And much much more! We even offer on site aluminum welding!